Bird Limoges Boxes

Our bird Limoges porcelain boxes are the perfect gift for the avialae lover in your life. Porcelain roosters, hens, doves, pheasants, pelicans, flamingos, eagles, ducks, and other Limoges bird Boxes will make any budding ornithologist smile as he enjoys his porcelain bird figurine. Our collection also has woodpeckers, macaws, toucans, penguins, bluebirds, dodo birds, geese, hummingbirds, kingfishers, parrots, canaries, quetzal, robins, kiwis, tanagers, and turkeys! You can even find tiny birdhouses, nests, birdbaths, eggs, and caged birds! Whimsical cats looking at the brave bird perched on their tail make the cutest conversation limoges Boxes and figurine pieces in your curio cabinet. Some pieces have delightful tiny accompanying items. Looking for a different bird or pose? We will find your bird for you - just click on the contact link! Every avialae lover will be all aflutter with excitement over our collection of hinged Limoges boxes. 

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BIRD Limoges Box
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Dodo Bird


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