Bugs & Critters Limoges Boxes

Our butterfly collectibles in Limoges Figurines is outstanding: Blue, white, green-and-yellow, Monarchs, panthers, and others are just a few you will find balanced on flowers and boxes. Ladybugs figurines rest on leaves, hearts, grass, and even show off their babies! A jeweled butterfly or dragonfly perched on an elegant oval, and adorable snails and intertwined worms vie for your attention as your favorite keepsake collectible. A carrot Limoges box containing a white or pink-and-blue bunny would be perfect for Easter, and a mole pausing for a moment with its shovel is quite the conversation piece. Can't find a particular Limoges Figurine critter? We can find it – just click on the contact link. We also offer additional poses and some hinged boxes contain complimentary accouterments. Surprise someone today with their favorite critter! Our bug and critter Limoges hinged boxes are the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life.

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SNAIL Limoges Box
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