Cat Limoges Boxes

Pretty kitties porcelain cat figurines emerge from shopping bags, stalk fish, dream of mice, curl up in baskets, sleep in a slipper, and lounge on chairs. A cat Limoges Boxes can perch anywhere – inside an umbrella, inside a shoe, on a stool, or on a see-saw. Whimsical cats sit in boats waiting for a fish to bite or contemplate the appearance of a frog, butterfly, or bird limoges boxes. All of the classic felines are represented: Siamese, Blue Point Birman, Mau, British shorthair, Persian, America wirehair, Russian blue, and black angora, to name a few. Darling kittens cuddle up to their mothers in Limoges porcelain cat figurines form. Tabbies take over pillows, stretch and lap milk from saucers. Check out the adorable cat carrier with a removable tiny cat inside! Make someone's Halloween complete with the cat with carved pumpkins collectibles! Dare we say it? They are the cats' meow! Small trinkets are included with some of the Limoges Boxes in our selections. Click on the contact link if you are looking for a particular Limoges Collectible pose or variety not shown on our website. These Limoges hinged boxes can be the purrrfect addition to your kitty collection.

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