Dog Limoges Boxes

All of your favorite dog figurines and dog limoges boxes are waiting for a new home on your hearth: doting Dalmatians, poised poodles, beautiful bassett hounds, carefree Cavalier King Charles spaniels, darling dachshunds, stalwart sheep dogs, busy beagles, lots of Laborador retrievers (golden, black, chocolate, yellow, beige), regal Bichon Frises, sleepy Shar Peis, charming collies, playful pugs, sneaky schnauzers, tons of terriers (Boston, Bull, Yorkshire, Scottish, Jack Russell, West Highland), gallant Great Danes, cozy cocker spaniels, wise Westies, loveable Lhasa Apsos, splendid Shelties, cute chihuahuas, delightful Dobermans, brave bulldogs, silky Shih Tzus, comely chow chows, pretty Pekineses, gallant German shepherds, Malteses, patient pointers, restless Rotweillers, intriguing Irish setters, greyhounds, Saint Bernards, prairie dogs, Weimaramers, and a motley crew of mongrels that will steal your heart … in addition to whatever dog figurine limoges porcelain boxes  falls from the kitchen table.

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Beagle Limoges Box
BICHON Limoges Box
COLLIE Limoges Box
Corgi Limoges Box
Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso


Maltese Limoges Box
SHARPEI Limoges Box
SHELTIE Limoges Box
Terrier Limoges Box
WESTIE Limoges Box
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