Fish & Ocean Limoges Boxes

 Our assembly of clams, mussels, oysters, scallops, and sand dollars must be explored. We have a delightful fish market and a beach scene (complete with sand shovel, pail, and sand castle) for the fishmongers and beachcombers in your life. A seal balancing a red ball on its snout and a sea lion resting regally on a an aqua bed are perfect gifts for pinniped fans and collectors. Choose from our collection of multicolored fish peeking out from their bowls (base boxes include aqua, beige, purple, pink, ivory, and yellow). Whether you like tiger fish, tropical fish, or trout, you will find finned friends galore limoges boxes. A romantic kissing fish couple is perfect to give to your mate for a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day gifts. Fanciful fish and realistic replicas alike can be found in our gathering. The ocean is filled with fishes and aquatic friends that you may not see here. We will navigate the seven seas for you if you hit the contact link. 

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Bulot Limoges Box
Clam Limoges Box
Fish Limoges Box
LOBSTER Limoges Box
Mussel Limoges Box
OCTOPUS Limoges Box
Scallop Limoges Box
Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle


WHALE Limoges Box
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