Rabbit & Mice Limoges Boxes

Looking for that rascally rabbit? You will find our mice and rabbit figurines and collectibles resting in fields, wheelbarrows, and hammocks, peeking out from baskets, or rocking their kits to sleep. Memorable bunnies with Easter baskets and eggs, carrots, bowls, and watering cans are the perfect gift for anyone! A mouse sunning in a bikini on an inner tube, two mice peeking out of a bucket, a mouse using a matchbox for a desk, a mouse on a mushroom with a removable mouse pal, and a a mouse hiding in a money bag are a few of the amusing mice we offer in our limoges boxes and figurines. The ever-popular wind-up mouse is poised to chase after the cheese (included), and other mice pose with cheese or sleep among flowers. A collection of springtime watering cans round out the collection. Did you hop through our page looking for particular rabbits or mice? They are not hiding – just click the contact link and tell us what you want. Some Limoges hinged boxes contain charming accouterments to delight any leporidae and rodentia lovers in your life. Our rabbit and mice Limoges porcelain boxes are the perfect gift for the leporidae and rodentia lovers in your life.

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Rabbit Limoges Box
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